Individual Use – Innovative Solutions

We develop solutions precisely matching the requirements of your production process. Whether as original equipment or upgrade - our extrusion technology makes the difference. Because we develop solutions from practical experience for actual use on site. Therefore, we know that: plastic pipes must resist heavy-duty use and that processes must be efficient. There must be an optimum production flow – from material handling to the wall thickness measurement. Prompt reactions and material-saving processes are decisive.

Therefore, our calibration sleeves can: compensate differences in the shrinkage characteristics of various materials and different wall thicknesses. Improve pipe tolerances. Reduce retrofitting times, save material, in short: improve your quality.

We put your requirements into practice in a unique way. Dimensionally precise. Product by product. In order to create a profitable combination of quality and efficiency.


Pressure and Gas Pipe

Pressure and gas pipes must be resistant to extremely heavy-duty use. There is no question that we meet the highest requirements regarding above average wall thicknesses as well as processing according to standard.


Hot-water Pipe

Hot-water pipes must be extremely durable and temperature-safe – as hot water pipes should be. This can be achieved thanks to the CCA calibration sleeves. We ensure durable and reliable pipes, for better efficiency.


Sewage Pipe

Minimum material consumption without any loss of pipe quality. CCA calibration sleeves meet this requirement in practice. Independent of the material running through the pipe, the pipe must have the standard wall thickness. We master this balancing act perfectly.



A reliable and constant product quality is very important. Especially in medical, pharmaceutical or food technology. That is why we guarantee a consistent quality during the complete production process. Ensuring that your product complies with the required standards.



Cable extrusion requires accuracy and perfection. We take this very seriously and therefore, our calibration sleeves guarantee reliability and product quality.